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Photo: Kaupo Kalda

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The European Design Festival 2022 in Tallinn, Estonia

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This year’s European Design Festival (ED-Festival) takes place June 17 to 19 in Tallinn, Estonia. 

The prestigious event, which gathers hundreds of designers from all over Europe (and beyond) is set to resume after a two-year break. The three-day event consists of the international design conference „Beyond Design“, workshops, exhibitions, design walks, talks and of course the European Design Awards (ED-Awards) gala. This year’s ED-Festival programme is curated by the Estonian Design Centre (EDK) in collaboration with the ED-Awards. The programme is available on ED-Awards website

Meeli Jaaksoo, Business Tourism Manager in Visit Tallinn says: “Tallinn is an adorable, small yet innovative capital of Estonia. It is also a city of events. Tallinn Convention Bureau has had the opportunity and pleasure to advise and support the process of bringing this event to our city, and I am convinced that a conference about design, future sustainability, even life in general is bound to inspire the guests and locals alike.”

The ED-Festival has since 2007 been hosted in cities like Stockholm, Zurich, Rotterdam, Helsinki, Istanbul, Vienna, Porto and Oslo, to name a few. Its mission is to celebrate European design, facilitate designers to meet, be inspired and build networks, but also to help promote the design discipline to wider audiences. 

Over 1,400 works from 34 countries across Europe were submitted, and the winners will be awarded during the ED-Awards crowning event – the awards gala – which will be held at the Kultuurikatel Creative Hub in Tallinn on June 18. The European Design Awards Conference 2022 “Beyond Design” addresses the core questions of the future of design and will also be held at the same venue on June 18. More information about the speakers is available on the EDK website.

Local partners and supporters include: the City of Tallinn, Visit Tallinn, Republic of Estonia Ministry of Culture, Helmes, Visit Estonia, Nordic Hotel Forum, Tallink Hotels, airBaltic, Nortal, Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, Estonian Academy of Arts, Cultural Endowment of Estonia. 

Further information about what Tallinn as a destination has to offer is available on Visit Tallinn website.

If you wish to learn more about organizing an event in Tallinn you can find creative and novel ideas here or you can contact our Business Tourism project managers for advice by sending an e-mail to