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Photo: Kaupo Kalda

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Visit Tallinn helps you find all components necessary for your events, including venues and seminar rooms, incentive activities, and support services.

Marja Matiisen Quilting Studio

Hundreds of examples on the two floors of the Quilting Studio exhibit how to make new practical products and art from old textiles. In addition to homemade cake and coffee, textile artist Marja Matiisen shows her work and tells historical stories about new items made of old clothes.

Waypoint: bicycle tours and rental in Tallinn

The company, formed of natural born organisers, guides its travelling fellowship of explorers to intriguing locations, introduces them to the real stories of the communities that live there, supports healthy lifestyle and life-long education, protecting our environment and history.

Kadaka Conference Centre

The modern rooms are suitable for various events: training courses, conferences, meetings and many more. All rooms offer natural daylight and are separated by soundproof walls which can be easily combined.

Port of Tallinn Cruise Terminal

The total area of main hall of the terminal is 1724 m², accommodating approximately 2000 delegates. The entire room opens up to the sea from one side offering wonderful views to the waterfront and cruise ships. The main hall can be divided into three smaller rooms with soundproofed walls.


Iglupark offers a unique and versatile experience in the trendy Noblessner area of Tallinn. Iglupark combines three vital aspects – work, leisure and health – while offering unparalleled sea views straight from the bed, sauna or the worktable.

Elmar Saar Conference Center of the Estonian Football Association

Thanks to its good location, technical capabilities and modern interior, the conference center of the Estonian Football Association is a great location in Tallinn for organizing conferences, seminars, receptions, meetings and other official events. The conference center can be used as one large hall or divided into two smaller rooms as needed.

Enima conference room

The factory and office building was completed in 2021. In addition, a well-equipped and modern conference & showroom were included to the company’s portfolio of services. The facilities are fully equipped with the furniture that's manufactured on site. The production lines are located in the same building and are open for all to visit. Great Tallinn city-near location make for a private and accessible event venue.

If you are interested in organising your event in Tallinn and need any help or suggestions, contact us via or send us a request for proposal.