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Photo: Nordic Hotel Forum

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Nordic Hotel Forum features innovative virus control solutions after an extensive renovation

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The four-star superior hotel located in the heart of Tallinn is open again after closing for renovations in mid-2020. The newly refurbished Nordic Forum Hotel features 258 rooms, a multifunctional and modern conference centre with 7 rooms, 2 restaurants, a lobby bar, and a relaxing spa area.

During the renovation process, the hotel also introduced modern contactless solutions: contactless registration upon arrival, opening the doors of hotel rooms with a smart device, payments without having to contact the staff; for the latter, the hotel are using a digital system created in Estonia.

The conference centre has been equipped with mobile virus control devices produced by the Finnish firm Genano, which removes nano particles, bacteria, and viruses from the air. As an additional safety measure, Nordic Forum hotel offers visitors Respiray wearable air purifiers, developed in Estonia. These use UV technology to purify 99% of the air to be breathed in and direct the purified air in the direction of the mouth and nose of the wearer.

Fun fact: the hotel also has six beehives on its roof, and fresh honey is served at breakfast.

If you have additional questions about conference facilities available in Tallinn, please contact Tallinn Convention Bureau: