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Tallinn’s business tourism website features valuable help page for event planners

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Tallinn’s business tourism website, features a new page “Practical resources”, which gives event professionals lots of helpful resources and additional info to help organise a successful event in Tallinn.

Many positive initiatives and projects are born through events – business meetings, conferences and scientific events are often the birthplace for impactful changes and developments.

To ensure that events in Tallinn are as successful and inspiring as possible, the business tourism website of Tallinn has all the necessary and practical information conveniently in one place.

The page lists various ways in which Visit Tallinn, the official tourist office of Tallinn, can help and support incoming events. This includes information about applying for free public transportation and a special offer on the Tallinn Card. The page also has a direct link to the Visit Tallinn media bank, a collection of marketing materials such as high-quality photos, videos and brochures, which are free to download and use.

The comparison table for conference venues is undoubtedly useful for event planners, making it easy to compare event venues in and around Tallinn. The page also features information about Tallinn’s regulations and permits, which must be taken into account with many events.

The page features many additional helpful resources and the content is updated constantly. Visit the page on Tallinn’s official Business tourism website.

Any suggestions for improving the page can be sent to:

Visit Tallinn’s business tourism website at

For additional info and help, contact Tallinn’s business tourism team: