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Photo: Kaupo Kalda

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Tourism in Tallinn in the first half of 2020

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Travel restrictions made the tourism trends in Tallinn in the first half of the year similar to those in the neighbouring capitals. There were more domestic tourists than before, a large number of foreign tourists were from neighbouring countries, and city visits were longer.

In the first half of 2020, 666,000 foreign visitors visited Tallinn, which is 2/3 less than at the same time last year. It is estimated that foreign visitors spent 164 million euros (–65%) in Tallinn in the first half of the year. Residents of neighbouring countries – Finland (44%), Russia (16%), Latvia (10%), and Sweden (3%) – accounted for a large share (74%) of all foreign visits.

More than half of the city’s visitors stayed in Tallinn for several days (350,500 in total), 69% of them stayed in a Tallinn accommodation establishment and 31% in a guest apartment or with friends and acquaintances. The number of multi-day visits was 64% lower, but the average length of trips increased to 2.65 nights.
A total of 315,500 same-day visits were made: accounting for 47% of the total number of visits and showing a decrease of 70%.

According to the accommodation statistics of the Statistical Office, the number of foreign tourists in Tallinn decreased by 63% in the first half of the year. 242,500 foreign tourists stayed in Tallinn accommodation establishments, spending a total of 471,600 nights. The largest share of foreign tourists, i.e. 43%, came from Finland, 17% from Russia, and 6% from Latvia. More than 2/3 of foreign tourists were here on holiday and less than a third on business.

The situation of tourism in the neighbouring capitals Helsinki, Riga, Vilnius, and Stockholm is also similar to Tallinn. The number of overnight stays in accommodation establishments decreased by about 55–62% in the first half of the year, the trips of visitors were longer, and there are significantly more domestic tourists among those accommodated.

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