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Photo: Kaupo Kalda

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Tallinn to begin lifting restrictions for select venues and activities

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By Mari Pever  •  18.05.2020

Starting from May 11, the city of Tallinn will begin easing restrictions set in place during the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic. 

Starting from May 11, the city of Tallinn will begin easing restrictions set in place during the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic. The city’s step-by-step plan to open various venues and services to the public was developed in accordance with the recent decision by the government of Estonia to gradually begin easing previously set restrictions.

Here are the most important developments according to the City of Tallinn and the Government of Estonia:

Travelling to Estonia

  • The borders between the three Baltic countries Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, will open on May 15. No compulsory quarantine period will be imposed on people travelling between the three countries.
  • The Government of Finland has confirmed that work-related and unavoidable travel to Finland will begin again on May 14. Travel will be allowed for people from the Schengen area, who need to travel for work and have a valid Finnish work contract. 

Tallinn Airport has remained open throughout the special circumstances and has seen weekly flights between Frankfurt, Minsk and Helsinki. The airport has released an assessment that the number of flights and destinations will begin to rise from the second half of May, when both Finnair and AirBaltic are planning to open connections between Helsinki and Riga, respectively.

Museums and public spaces

  • Shops, restaurants and service providers in shopping centres will be allowed to open again on May 11. This does not include children’s playrooms and entertainment providers such as cinemas, bowling alleys etc.
  • Starting from May 11, museums and exhibition areas in Estonia are allowed to reopen. 
  • Tallinn City Government confirmed that most museums in Tallinn would open on May 19. Currently set safety precautions must be adhered to, which means visitors will be let into the exhibitions in groups of 10, hand sanitizers must be made available to all guests and touchable surfaces must be disinfected regularly.
    • Tallinn Botanic Garden will open its outdoor exhibit already on May 11.
    • Tallinn Zoo will open its outdoor areas on May 18. Indoor areas, including shops and restaurants, will open on June 1.
  • Public beaches will be opened on June 1 (social distancing rules will still apply)

Even though certain restrictions are lifted in various countries in Europe, safety and responsibility remain as important as ever. Therefore, we urge everyone planning to travel, whether it is to Tallinn or elsewhere abroad, to stay safe and follow rules set by local governments. We hope to see you again in Tallinn soon, but don’t forget that our city has stood for over 800 years – it can wait a little while longer.